Operation Phoenix Rising

The media lies about COVID 19. This location has all the worlds COVID-19 data and analyses. Dr. H and I spoke at the Open Oregon Rally

No vaccine needed or wanted. This Doctor reveals the real drive for COVID-19 vaccine!

To stop COVID-19. Either not get it or a less severe case, our doctors say to take Vitamin A, C and D. Also Zinc and tonic water. Tonic water has quinine which is the active ingredient in HCQ.

States like Oregon lie about COVID-19. Even though they separate actual and probable cases. They lies and say the probable ones are just data which has not been sent to the CDC. The data is uploaded to the CDC nightly! A probable case is from these things and more.

The CDC broke federal law when they threw of the pandemic book they used for 17 years and had staff make the wrong rules we are under. We only have around 9700 fatalities due to COVID-19 when using the procedures in the pandemic book. Our 4th manuscript published.

Grand Jury Request. We sent the printed manuscript and this request to 240 attorney generals and staff on 10/16/2020. They will arrive by Tuesday 10/20/2020

  1. Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 can occur through direct, indirect, or close contact with infected people through infected secretions such as saliva and respiratory secretions or their respiratory droplets, which are expelled when an infected person coughs, sneezes, talks or sings. (Not scientific)
  2. These hypotheses suggest that 1) a number of respiratory droplets generate microscopic aerosols (<5 µm) by evaporating, and 2) normal breathing and talking results in exhaled aerosols. Thus, a susceptible person could inhale aerosols, and could become infected if the aerosols contain the virus in sufficient quantity to cause infection within the recipient. However, the proportion of exhaled droplet nuclei or of respiratory droplets that evaporate to generate aerosols, and the infectious dose of viable SARS-CoV-2 required to cause infection in another person are not known, but it has been studied for other respiratory viruses. Theory not fact!
  3. One experimental study quantified the amount of droplets of various sizes that remain airborne during normal speech. However, the authors acknowledge that this relies on the independent action hypothesis, which has not been validated for humans and SARS-CoV-2. Again hypotheses and not fact!
  4. Another recent experimental model found that healthy individuals can produce aerosols through coughing and talking (19), and another model suggested high variability between individuals in terms of particle emission rates during speech, with increased rates correlated with increased amplitude of vocalization.(20) To date, transmission of SARS-CoV-2 by this type of aerosol route has not been demonstrated; much more research is needed given the possible implications of such route of transmission. Models are false if not validated by data. They could have used actual data instead of faulty models if they had the data!
  5. Some studies conducted in health care settings where symptomatic COVID-19 patients were cared for, but where aerosol generating procedures were not performed, reported the presence of SARS-CoV-2 RNA in air samples (23-28), while other similar investigations in both health care and non-health care settings found no presence of SARS-CoV-2 RNA; no studies have found viable virus in air samples.
    There is much more garbage science in it. You can read it for yourself!
  6. More “Proofs” show COVID-19 is not airborne transmitted!
    1. Homeless camps have no spike in cases!
    2. The recent riots show no spike in cases!
    3. Sweden and Denmark have similar infection rates. One closed down for COVID-19 and the other did not!
    4. Random vs. systematic. An airborne infection would have systematic data. COVID-19 without masks is random data!

COVID-19 treatment is Hydroxychloroquine and zinc! 68 studies with 41 peer reviewed! Dr. Fauchi is very wrong about HCQ ! Countries which used HCQ have much lower death rates!
Children pose zero risk to spread COVID-19.
Our 3rd Published manuscript
Here is recent Flu vaccines effectiveness. Last year was 29%. I understand they completely missed the mark this year. It has been trending downward.

Any probable cases are most likely Flu and Not COVID-19. Allowing Contract tracers to make a medical diagnoses without a degree is illegal.  30 states in the USA separate these out. Some states like Oregon say a probable case is one which has not been uploaded to the CDC. That data is uploaded every night! They count anyone who has any Flu like symptoms as COVID-19 which is wrong. We have the worldwide data and correct analyses about COVID-19 in a spreadsheet I will link below. We published our first of many manuscripts.

7/10/2020. Good_News.pdf

This doctor says he has a cure for COVID-19, he uses a well known asthma medicine to treat COVID-19 patients with 100% success rate.

Data insights for Opening the US Economy.
Worldwide COVID-19 data and analyses.
Oregon Daily Data.
The world health organization says COVID-19 MAYBE transported by air. Since when is science done on a maybe? We postulate things and then design experiments to prove or disprove.
Updated  Oregon Numbers are in the spreadsheet link daily
Also in our ZOOM meeting yesterday we discussed how the 6/13 CDC update had hospitals count one person with multiple positive tests as new cases. Anyone in the hospital  for COVID-19 gets tested every other day until they have two consecutive negative tests. If they have a total of 6 tests then that is 6 new cases. Another way to look at it is having 100 COVID-19 people in the hospital. This would be 50 false cases per day which should not be counted. We are investigating that now in multiple sates and will put those results in our second paper next week. Our paper next week will be in a journal. We will show in that paper the worldwide data analyses of COVID-19
The requirement to wear masks in public places in all county’s is “guidance” NOT an executive order! guidance on masks, face shields, and face coverings  Why is the media falsely saying its required?
I told the local media to correct this or I would send out they are lying. These media are lying about COVID-19. Don’t believe anything they say!
This daily update will be sent until the media and the government starts using the infection rate as the main metric.  The recent spike in cases was from a 1500 tests per day increase. As we have said all along if you want more cases then test more people!
Issues with the graphs from the OHA. (Oregon Health Authority)

  1. The first graph shows a recent “spike” in positive cases. Oh My! A second wave coming. The world is going to end!
  2. The second graph shows total tests. The “spike” was from more testing. We are still mostly testing hot spots and sick people! Very few general public are being tested!

The CDC does not use all the data it gets. The Johns Hopkins University data is garbage. We have seen them falsify the data from the CDC. The Bill Gates foundations uses the John Hopkins data so their projections are garbage. Also a recent study showed this virus does not stay on any surface for more than 15 minutes.
This virus like any can’t go more than 18-20 inches from an infected persons body. Then when you cover your mouth or nose it goes even less distance. The Social distancing of 6 feet is very wrong!
Here are some links to videos that shows the truth about COVID-19 and how Dr. Fauchi is an idiot and screwed up everything he has ever done.
The infection rate is the metric which must be used. We have tested so far mostly hot spots and sick people. It’s easy to get more positive cases. Just test more people. However the more people we test the lower the infection rate will be. The infection rate for Oregon this morning is to 3.70%

This data is from: Oregon COVID-19 data

This is what I received from another scientist.
Dave – I also took a lot of math along with engineering.   Six hours of philosophy would give me a BA … I never took it.  I agree with everything you said!   This whole mess is a SCANDEMIC.  I BEGAN MY ANALYSIS ON March4th.  By the middle of March the indications were obvious.  By the middle of April, there were no doubts left.   These so-called experts kept emphasizing the nationwide cases, the total cases, and how deadly the disease was.  No regard for cases per 1 million people, not consideration for the % peer age group.  No thought given to hot spots.  No real statistics abou9t much of anything, especially the tremendous number of deaths in nursing homes.  And, most of all the idiocy of many elected officials whose judgement was about the level of a 5 grader.  I am not only angry, frustrated, and afraid for the future of our nation.   This series of ill-advised scenarios is destroying the economy, and I think has given the Leftist a chance to  organize the crazy protestors and looters.   Howard