Climate Change

See our presentation at a Climate Change Conference in Oregon here

Presentation 12-14-2020 Environmental Sustainability.

See Ocean Stupidification The Ocean acidity levels are no different than history!

These are scientific facts about climate change! Atmospheric CO2 is not an emissions issue. It’s a loss of photosynthesis. NetZeroCO2e=8.6 gt/yr. The IPCC reports are science fiction! Global sea rise is 1.1 mm/yr-1 and linear not accelerating.

Keynote address again 11/9/2020

Finished presenting at a Climate Change Conference in Michigan 10/27/20 by zoom. Another Keynote Nov 9th. These are scientific facts: Atmospheric CO2 is not an emissions issue. It’s a loss of photosynthesis. The IPCC reports are science fiction! bThe global sea rise is 1.1 mm/yr and not accelerating! COVID-19 is not a pandemic. Open the world now! Please donate on

Keynote address at a climate change conference 9/22/2020

Please follow this document weekly to stop the Amazon Rain-forest destruction!

Climate Change Conference where I schooled a IPCC WG II Ph. D.

The IPCC reports are science fiction. This link has a video where I explain it. I am currently writing a book called Climate Crisis Changed. here is the actual video!

Cap and Trade, The Green new deal are Lies! The residence time of atmospheric carbon dioxide is 150 years!
Another way to look at residence time is a signature from past events, which lowered  CO2 emissions. For example the oil embargo in the 1970’s, multiple recessions and the big worldwide recession in 2009. The current COVID-19 pandemic. These are examples of lowered worldwide emissions. Below is the current graph of Mauna Loa CO2. You can clearly see no signature from these events. Also no signature from $2.8 trillion spending to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The only way to lower atmospheric carbon dioxide is to plant trees! Cap and trade and the green new deal have not worked and will not work.  They are lies by the corrupt IPCC who ignore anything published which does not match their false agenda.  Shutdown the Oregon Carbon group and Cap and Trade!  We show details from published manuscripts which the IPCC and other scientists ignore—such as residence time. In a 2003 IPCC report, they gave a range of 5 years to 200 years for residence time, which can be a range of time. However, most Chemical Engineers use average residence time. That is what we are interested in. We need to know on average how long it takes for a molecule to be consumed by photosynthesis, diffused to the exosphere, or captured by oceans. This time is at least 150 years. There is no other paper saying this except the paper we reference. Therefore Cap and Trade and/or the Green new deal are the complete wrong solution for lowering atmospheric carbon dioxide. I have caused the stopping of Indian rain forest and more than 4 billion native trees planted in the last two years. Seven billion native trees are scheduled in the next four years.
We are performing the attached State of Oregon Sanctioned experiment along US 26 east for 1 year. So far is 3 days we find the treed area by the Zoo carbon dioxide concentration is 15-50 ppm lower. This very preliminary finding shows we can replace the grass beside all highways and in freeway medians with native trees worldwide. In a few short years the atmospheric carbon rise will stop and start to decline.  State of Oregon photosynthesis project

Presentation at Environment and Climate Change conference 8/29/2020

Presentation at International Conference on Recycling and Waste Water Management 8/28/2020. _Conference.pdf

Presentation at VAEMS Climate Change Conference 8/20/2020. One of the Keynote addresses was from a IPCC Ph. D from SR 1.5 Chapter two mitigation. She used all their buzzwords etc. When she was finished I raised my hand and told here this. Your equilibrium statement had no references to any published manuscript! We calculated it and it is 8.6 gt/yr. Also your only probability for your solution to work is 50-66%. Then I asked her what is the current residence time for atmospheric CO2. She said “What is residence time”?

The World Economic Forum has rightly said that we need to plant 1 trillion trees, which will—in just ten years–drain the atmosphere quickly by increasing the consumption of CO2 (by 30 gt to 100 gtyr-1).
I will present Keynote Address this week  as a Keynote speech at a conference July 17 than at three Climate Change Conferences this august.